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The importance of hiring a private bartender for your holiday party in Chicago.

Thinking of hosting a holiday party for your company, family and friends, or both? You should hire a bartender; and here's why:

1. Is the extra expense really worth it?

Hiring staff for your party may seem like an extra expense, but you'll have to weigh that value against having "peace if mind" when it comes to the bar. With a professional bartender service, they'll give you more than a person and a cork screw. They are consultants to help you through all the details of your party by offering their knowledge from past parties. Think about this, do you know how much ice to get, how much liquor do you really need, and what it takes to set up a bar to adequately serve your guests?

2. Insurance.

Most home policies have limitations in party situations. Hiring a bartender ultimately extends their liquor liability policy to cover any "god forbid" type scenarios. (Driving home drunk) When hiring a professional bartender service, there are 2 main items you"ll need: general liability and liquor liability. They should openly give you a copy of their insurance. If they become hesitant, that's a huge red flag.

3. Skill and experience.

While we all like to play the role of Tom Cruise in the movie "Cocktail"; most of the time, the host has a very limited knowledge of drinks they can offer within their available supply. Not only that, the host will often regret being stuck making drinks, and not be able to spend more time socializing and interacting with the guests. A reputable bartender service will provide staff which will offer suggestions on drinks. Tasty shots and signature drinks can made on the fly; adding to the fun! The bartender will also help clean up when things are slow, leave the bar the way they found it, and consolidate all left overs for easy transport afterwards.

Overall, hiring a bartender allows the host and the guests to have more fun! So make sure your party goes down in history and hire a Professional bartender.

Happy holidays to all!

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