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  Christina B. ~ Business Executive, Chicago, IL.
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​For consideration, please review carefully and follow the directions. Please read thoroughly and following directions closely; as is this most valued attribute of our candidates.
What you can expect working for Elite
​Event bartending is a very ​fun segment of the hospitality business.​ You pick and choose the shifts you wish to work. For each shift you receive a base pay of at least $100/ shift. AND... you'll typically make an additional $50-$100 in tips! That's a typical total of around $200 for a 5-6 hour shift; usually done before midnight. Not too mention, it's a lot of fun! 

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​Elite is a high-end private bartender service; and we expect the best. Elite is looking for individuals who are professional, dependable, organized, and fun!  

***Important Note: If your answers do not fit the available options in the form, or you are unable/unwilling to fill in boxes, please discontinue your application. We will generally reply immediately if we have open spots for upcoming events.